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Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (CDM)
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Range of single-ended, compact, high-efficiency, discharge lamps with a stable colour over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light

Product Features
● Crisp white light
● Superior colour quality
● Allows small-size luminaires designs that give high beam intensities
Item Cap/Base Colour Temp. (K) Color Rendering Index (Ra) Operating Position
MASTERColour CDM-T 35W/ 830 G12 3000 81 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 35W/ 942 G12 4200 90 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 70W/ 830 G12 3000 84 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 70W/ 942 G12 4200 92 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 150W/ 830 G12 3000 85 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 150W/ 942 G12 4200 96 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 250W/ 830 G12 3000 89 ANY
MASTERColour CDM-T 250W/ 942 G12 4200 94 ANY