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High-power low-voltage (MR16 GU5.3) and mains-voltage (GU10 and E27) LED reflector lamps for retrofit replacement of conventional incandescent and halogen reflector lamps in indoor applications

Product Features
• Based on high-performance Lumiled Luxeon LEDs in halogen-type reflector
• AccentLED lamps are available in various colours: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Warm White and Cool White
• MR16 GU5.3 lamps are dimmable
• GU10 and E27 lamps are non-dimmable, although safe if connected to dimmer
• MR16 GU5.3 lamps can be used with all types of magnetic transformers; some electronic transformers may be
incompatible because of low lamp power (2W and 4W)
• RoHS compliant
Item Cap/Base Voltage (V) Diameter (mm) Beam Angle
AccentLED 4W WW GU5.3 12 16 10
AccentLED 4W CW GU5.3 12 16 10
AccentLED 4W WW GU10 230-240


AccentLED 4W CW GU10 230-240 16 10
AccentLED 4W WW E27 230-240 16 10
AccentLED 4W CW E27 230-240 16 10