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CMH MR16 Precise
CMH MR16 Precise

* GE's unique 3 part arc tube design provides higher durability that results in excellent reliability
* Range of wattage from 20 to 400 Watt for a wide versatility of applications
* Long life - up to 15,000 hours
* Consistent colour over life
* Bright light and excellent colour rendering
* High efficiency up to 100 lm/ W
* Available in two colour temperatures 3,000 K and 4,200 K
* Direct replacement for High Pressure Sodium and Quartz Metal Halide lamps to fit existing installations
* UV control
* Available in elliptical, tubular, linear, single- & double-ended and PAR lamp shapes
* Shrouded versions available for use in open luminaires
Item Cap/Base Colour Operating Position Product Code
CMH20/MR16/UVC/830/GX10/SP GX10 830 ANY 40400
CMH20/MR16/UVC/830/GX10/FL GX10 830 ANY 40401
CMH20/MR16/UVC/830/GX10/WFL GX10 830 ANY 42691
CCMH35/MR16/UVC/930/GX10/SP GX10 930 ANY 88658
CMH35/MR16/UVC/930/GX10/FL GX10 930 ANY 88659
CMH35/MR16/UVC/930/GX10/WFL GX10 930 ANY 88660
CMH35/MR16/UVC/942/GX10/SP GX10 942 ANY 88661
CMH35/MR16/UVC/942/GX10/FL GX10 942 ANY 88662
CMH35/MR16/UVC/942/GX10/WFL GX10 942 ANY 88663